Animal Sport Photography (Event)

Action photography is my specialty and no animal is too quick, or too black, or too inexperienced to be captured beautifully. There is no booking fee to hire me for your organized sporting event. Simply reach out to see if your date(s) are free, and you can announce me as your official photographer! Each competitor will be able to PRE-ORDER photo packages from a dedicated website, complete with your organization’s branding. That’s it! Easy-peasy. Order Here

Private Session (up to 3 pets)

These sessions provide a full service experience with the goal being a monumental art piece and/or personalized BRAG-SWAG. These unique sessions are designed specifically for the temperament and character of your fur-baby and really are a memory in the making. Final cost will depend highly on what products are desired. Session fee is $250 for up to 3 pets from the same household, and includes one 8 x 10 print ($45 value).

Group Sessions (10 or more)

Do you have a group of playful pooches that aren’t yet ready for the ‘big leagues’? Or maybe ones that just love to play and goof around? Group sessions are a way for those who want to organize their own private photo party of 10 or more willing subjects. Location and invitees are organized by the designated host, and the host is entitled to a special gift for themself, or to gift to an attendee, dependant on level of orders reached.

Fine Art Prints & Custom Giftware

A photo of your superstar is only the beggining of your bragging rights. Why stop there? By working with me, you have hired an award-winning photographic artist that can transform any image into a masterpiece worth sharing. From wall-worthy fine-art printing using professional photographic papers , achival grade canvas, or 100% cotton rag watercolour paper, to sublimatable images on mugs, coasters, pillow cases, or even wrappning paper, I provide a one-stop-shop for all your visual creations.