Private Session

These sessions provide a full service experience with the goal being a monumental art piece and/or album. These unique sessions are designed specifically for the temperament and character of your fur-baby and really are a memory in the making. Final cost will depend highly on what products are desired. Session fee for up to 3 dogs from the same household is $250 and includes a $100 wall art or album credit.


Understanding that limitations do exist, Candice Daum Photography also offers shared sessions for multiple clients at one location. These popularly termed ‘mini-sessions’ will be based on a theme and offered at various times throughout the year. Full session clients often take part in mini-sessions as well because they are fun & carefree, and usually help support a cause.

Picture Party

Hosting a ‘Picture Party’ is another great way to ease into the idea of photography for your pets. Laid back and relaxing, you invite the guests and we can help decide the theme. Hint… Birthdays are a perfect reason to celebrate.

Event Photography

I absolutely LOVE to see animals doing what they enjoy alongside their favourite people. Organizers, please contact me for more information and reserve your calendar spot. There is no fee for booking! Photographs will be taken throughout the day and posted in an online gallery for participants to order. That’s it! Easy-peasy.

There is a lot of variety to choose from and simply asking the question costs nothing at all.