Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I order photos?

Use this form to request photos. Order Here

Once completed, an invoice will be sent to you with payment links. You may also pay by ETransfer by sending to

Do I choose the location?

If you have a location that means the world to you, or an idea of the type of photographs you’d like captured, then by all means, please do let me know. If however you have no idea, that is perfectly ok too. I will can make suggestions based on your likes and dislikes. With cats, most often the home environment is all we have to work with.

My pets aren’t trained, can you still photograph them?
Absolutely! Candid images by far are the best for capturing true-to-life expressions. I also have some tricks up my sleeves to give the impression that all the animals photographed are perfect little angels. Off-leash is never a necessity and your pet’s safety is always my primary concern.
What happens if the weather is bad?

Contrary to popular belief, we do not need a sunny day for great photographs. Photographing in midday full sun is actually not ideal. Photographing in a torrential downpour, also not ideal. Blizzard or extreme cold… well that’s not ideal either if I can’t feel my fingers. Whatever we are faced with, if we need to reschedule, we will. Keep in mind, a bit of rain makes for rich glistening colours, and opens up the potential of capturing an amazing rainbow as a backdrop. Sometimes out-of-the-ordinary, can be extraordinary.

How many people can attend the session?
Helpers are great and a small intimate audience is ok too, as long as it does not interfere with the session. This is your time and we want to avoid excessive distractions for your pet. We will not be able to capture intimate expressions if your dog is confused at who to look at, or is distracted by children playing, yelling, etc. Only the people/pets on the booking will be photographed. If there are add-ons, they need to be discussed at least 24hours before the session and added to the contract agreement.
How many pets does a session fee include?

A session fee includes up to 3 pets from the same household. Additional pets are welcome but we will need to allot more time so we can ensure we capture images of all pets involved. Each additional pet is an additional $50 (special rate for litters of puppies/kittens). If pet parents want to partner up, I do offer group sessions for 10 or more pets. Just keep in mind, more pets = less photos/pet. Full sessions ensure a variety of images to choose from.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, if a payment plan is desired on products we can set something up that works for you. In general, we would divide a payment into 3 separate installments, and products would be delivered with the final payment. The session fee is paid in advance to secure a session date.

Do you photograph more than just cats and dogs?

Being an animal lover, even if I tried to say no, I wouldn’t be able to. So no, my services are not only limited to cats and dogs. Fish, horses, hamsters, bunnies, lizards, snakes, frogs, crustaceans… I photograph them all. I invite the opportunity to photograph a unique variety I haven’t done before, and will even waive the session fee for a pet I have yet to add to my portfolio.

Why hire Candice Daum Photography?

There are literally hundreds of photographers to choose from and it can be overwhelming. In our “no obligation” discovery introduction, we can discuss your ideas and concerns. If done in person, it is also a perfect time for me to get acquainted with your fur family. Your decision to book will mean you value the expertise of a certified Professional Photographer, devoted to the niche of photographing animals.

My pet has a mark/just had surgery, can you remove the blemish?
Unlike my early days in photography with film and darkrooms, digital photography allows us to do so much to enhance photos. If there is a temporary mark on your pet that appears before our shoot, there is no need to re-schedule. I can simply edit out the blemish. If however there is a mark on your pet that has become a part of his/her appearance, I will not remove their unique characteristic without your request.
My dog never sits still. Is this a problem?

Not a problem at all! I absolutely love action shots – especially one with personality! Sitting is boring and I encourage your fur family to be playful and act silly. For more refined sit/stay images, we can take these with dogs on leash. The leash is simply removed in the editing process. If you are not comfortable with your pet off leash, or we are not in a dedicated ‘off-leash’ area, DO NOT remove it. The best option would be to use thin lead which makes editing it out easier.

My cat is shy and afraid of strangers. How will you photograph him/her?

I have met a lot of cat’s in my lifetime and I know, no two are alike. So what happens when one is really shy? Well, I am extremely patient. It may take a few visits of introductions to get them used to the idea of me being there, or I may need to extend my time there to ease them back into feeling safe enough to be photographed. I will use a long lens so I can stay a good distance away, and not invade their personal ‘cat’ space. Either way, we will work with your shy kitty to keep them comfortable and content.

My cat is strictly an indoor cat and I don’t think my house is good for photos. What now?

Indoors can be tricky, mainly because of the distracting elements, limited space, and low-light conditions. However, what you see in the final image will be different than what you see with your eyes. With a camera, photographers can isolate the scene and remove unwanted distractions in the editing process. As an additional option, a backdrop may be used for kitties who are open to it.

I don’t live in Winnipeg. Is that a problem?
Not at all. However, distances over 50km from my studio in Transcona (East Winnipeg) will incur a charge of $10 for each additional 10km, up to a total of 100km. Distances longer than this, please contact for quote. Travel fee may be waived for large events involving 50+ attendees. Please ask for details.
Can my friend bring her pet?

Yes, as long as the pet will not be a distraction and is not an ‘add-on’ to be photographed without prior notice. I would be more than happy to photograph multiple pets from different owners as long as they are registered for the shoot prior to the session. When preparing for our day, a lot of thought goes into how it will all fit together. ‘Throwing in’ another element at last minute may disrupt the process. It can be done, but additional considerations may need to be asked.

Do you do family portraits?

I specialize in animal photography and cannot promise the same type of devotion to family portraits. I would feel better leaving that type of photography to the family portrait specialists. This does not mean I will not welcome you and your family to be in some of the photographs with your pet. The animal-human bond is extremely important, and when I see it, I will most certainly want to capture it. If you are looking for posed portraits, I can recommend the best certified portrait photographers I know to help capture a more traditional look if desired.

How far in advance do I need to book?
If there is a specific date in mind, especially on a weekend, I suggest booking as early as possible. Openings do come up and upon booking I will send available options to choose from. As a general rule, to catch the best light the time of the booking will usually be about 3 hours before sunset for outdoor session. Indoors will be midday when we have the best window light available.
Can I be in the photograph with my pet?
Yes of course! It is very much encouraged. You do not however have to be featured if you do not want to. Not all of us enjoy seeing ourselves in photographs, but still want to be remembered with our pets. For these, I can include you in the photograph but keep your presence subtle (ie. blurred in the background; dog at your feet, etc.). Please note, throughout the session I will act as a bit of a paparazzi taking candid photographs you won’t even know existed until our session reveal. This is the best part where you get to see all the wonderful photos we just captured.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes. Gift certificates are available and will be customized to the recipient. Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination, or can be gifted as an item (ie. session fee, product credit). Donation packages are also available upon request.
What if I’m not happy with the pictures?

That hurts me to even think about! If you are anything like me, I know how hard it can be to voice your displeasure with a service or product. My goal is to ‘WOW’ my clients, and have them recommend me to their friends. If you are not happy, I am not happy. My personal guarantee is your total satisfaction. PLEASE do let me know. We will do what we can to make it right.

How do I view the pictures so I can order?

I offer both “Event Photography” and “Session Photography”. With Event Photography, PRE-ORDER photo packages are available for purchase. These are the only images that will be available online to view. I take great care to sort through, select, and edit the perfect shots for each package ordered. For full sessions, all photos will be edited and made available in your personalized album. From there, I can help you pick your favourites and choose how you’d like to display them. This is a full-service deal, right down to hanging the artwork on the wall!