About Candice
Let’s face it… memories fade.

It’s a part of being human.

A photograph is more than just a snapshot…

It’s time travel at its finest!

It’s fascinating how intertwined our memory recall is when associated with tangible objects, especially photographs. Unlike video, photographs leave room for your brain to fill in the gaps with actual ‘feelings’ drawn from a particular time and place. It’s no wonder they say a picture is worth a 1000 words.


Take time to cherish the present before it becomes lost in the past.

Animals live in our souls. We can’t help but let them in, which makes it even harder to let them go. Couple that with their comparatively short life span, and it is even more important to give them their spot in the limelight. Candice Daum Photography is there to create happy memories and beautiful imagery by designing custom sessions specifically with your fur-babies in mind.

Candice is a Winnipeg-based pet photographer specializing in animal sporting events and lifestyle portraiture as well as art photography.