Pre-Order Event Photos

Three Packages To Choose From…


TOP DOG - Print & Digital Package

  • 10 Professionally edited digital images (one dog)
    • Set of 10 Print Size files (3000px) no logo
    • Set of 10 Social Sharing Size files (lOOOpx) with logo bottom right
  • Priority Posting (see your images first)
  • Commemorative collage with dog(s) name & event date
  • Choice of Photographic Print – one 8 X 10 or two 5 x 7’s
    • Tax added at checkout


TOP DOG - 2 Dogs

  • Add 4 more images
  • Shared between 2 dogs
  • TOTAL 14 images
    • Tax added at checkout


TOP DOG - 3 Dogs

  • Add 8 more images
  • Shared between 3 dogs
  • TOTAL 18 images
    • Tax added at checkout




  • TOTAL 8 images (one dog)
  • Social Sharing Sized files (lOOOpx) w/logo
    • Tax added at checkout




  • TOTAL 4 images (one dog)
  • Social Sharing Sized files (lOOOpx) w/logo
    • Tax added at checkout

How It Works

1. Order Photo Package Make your choice:

Place an order for a photo package of your choice, and you will receive an email after the event with a link to your images for download. TOP DOG packages receive Priority Posting.

2. Event Day Do Your Thing!

Have fun! Don’t worry about letting the photographer know when your dog is up. All dogs are photographed at the event unless specifically asked not to.

3. The Excitement Begins! Whoop Whoop! Photos!

Appproximately 1-2 weeks after event, photos will be available for download from the dedicated EVENT PHOTO SITE, organized by dog’s name. TOP DOG packages will be completed in the order they are received, followed by the Candid Canine, and Bare Bones orders. If you do not see your dog listed, please contact photographer to make sure your payment was received.

4. Show and Tell Time to share and order cool stuff!

Brag away! Please feel free to share your Social Sharing sized images online with friends and family, and be sure to tag Candice Daum Photography’s Facebook Page or Instagram @cdaumphoto so I can share in your excitement! 🙂

5. Deliver Products (4 – 6 weeks after session day)

So many options! The fun doesn’t stop after the photo is taken… Prints and custom photo keepsakes like mugs, tumblers, stickers, coasters, etc., can be designed specifically for you. No charge pick-up at studio or shipped at  an extra charge.

Have questions?

I can help…

1. If I pre-order photos and my dog can't participate, what happens?

Un-foreseen circumstances may cause your dog/yourself to pull out from the day’s event. If this is the case, not to worry… Any pre-payment will be fully reimbursed.

2. I hate computers... do I have to order online?

Not at all. During the event there will be order forms available. Please complete and submit to photographer or assistant. You can also email or text (, text 204-470-9206) your complete information (name, dogs name, package requested, email, phone #, and mailing address) and I will enter it on your behalf. Payment can be sent separately.

3. What if there aren't enough images to choose from?

Unless I’ve had a camera malfunction, it is extremely rare that I won’t be able to select enough images to fulfill a package. My camera is capable of shooting 30 frames per second, and by the end of the day I literally have 10,000+ images to sift through. The hardest part is actually narrowing them down to only a select few.

4. Why can't I view the pictures online and then chose the images I want?

The RAW file format I use to capture images cannot be read without a specific software program. Before I can convert the files to Jpegs, they need to be processed and edited first. If however you would like to take a peek at what was captured, I can set up a zoom meeting to screen share my computer so you can have a look and make your selections. The photography service I provide isn’t only about capturing the image, it is also for the time involved culling (choosing images), cataloguing (matching dog name to image capture), editing (ie. cropping, clarity, contrast, exposure, etc.), and uploading the images to the website.

5. Can I print the digital files?

Yes! But it is highly recommended to order larger prints directly through the photographer for best results. Not only is there no control over ‘drug-store’ quality, you would be missing out on the added editing process that the photographer applies to the files dependent to what they will be printed on (ie. canvas). As the photographer, I know what it is supposed to look like and I will make sure you receive the very best quality possible.

6. What if I don't like my photos?

The only time I have ever had a client unsatisfied, is when they expected a ‘typical portrait’. After explanation, the client loved their ACTION portrait – drool and all! How can you not love photos of your dog doing what they love!

7. To order from the website, do I have to use PayPal?

No. You do not need a PayPal account. PayPal is only a vehicle used to process credit cards. If you select the ‘Pay Later’ option you can choose to pay via cash, cheque (made out to ‘Candice Daum’, or E-transfer sent to

8. Can I combine more than one dog into 'one dog' photo package?

With the TOP DOG Package, there is an option to purchase a combo pack for two or three dogs if desired. The combo pricing is only available in the TOP DOG package and is intended for dogs from the same household.

9. I hear you do 'Fine Art' & customized gifts. What does that mean?

After the photo is ‘snapped’ the adventure doesn’t have to stop there. Endless opportunities are available to turn your favourite image(s) into unique, one-of-a-kind conversation pieces. All items are produced in-house with strict quality standards.

10. Why is there a logo on my images after purchase

Like any desirable brand, the authenticity of the product is a part of its value. Digital files will have the logo on the front bottom right corner. For ordered prints and canvases, the authenticity verifying the artist will be placed on the back. TOP DOG orders will have a second set of higher resolution images without the logo, as well as the lower res with the logo for social sharing.