About Candice
Fur Flying, Tongue Wagging, Paws Waving…

No Problem!

I’m a Winnipeg based pet photographer with the coolest job ever! I specialize in Animal Action Imagery and spend my days following the fast-and-furriest pets around Manitoba with my camera in hand. As an accredited and award winning photographer, I guarantee to deliver crisp, vibrant, stop-action imagery, capturing the expressive personality of your pet in their own unique way.

My training in photography, digital editing, and fine art, allows me to make the ordinary, extraordinary. I am accredited in the field of Animal Sport Photography, Fine Art, and Image Manipulation with the Professional Photographers of Canada. Whether on the field at a sporting event, or in the privacy of an on-location session, the end goal is the same – deliver beautiful, stop-action imagery worth bragging about.


Our pets are a part of us which makes it even harder to let them go. Couple that with their comparatively short life span, and it is even more important to give them their spot in the limelight, before the last call.